HandiNet is Handicomp's legacy golf handicapping product. It has been discontinuted (except in special circumstances) and replaced by Handicomp's new Internet based golf handicapping product; the Golf Handicap Network, which can be found at www.GolfHandicapNetwork.com. Presently, over 99% of all Handicomp served golf clubs have switched; some as far back as six years ago!

HandiNet has its roots in software dating back to the early 1980's. It became HandiNet in the mid-90's when it was integrated with web components that allowed certain information to be accessible via the Internet. However, in 2006 Handicomp began to develop the Golf Handicap Network with the intention of completely replacing HandiNet, and that time has come.

Thank you for using HandiNet and we're sure you will enjoy the many new benefits of the Golf Handicap Network as your club switches you over at the end of this season.

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The Golf Tournament Network (GTN) is an online Golf Tournament Software Application uniquely designed to be used by Clubs, Associations, Leagues, Organizations and Golfers alike.

Golf Tournament Network

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The Golf League Network is an Internet based golf league software management application endorsed by Rick Smith.

Golf League Network

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